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Pricing & Generics

Canadian Payers want the lowest price — without compromising therapeutic effectiveness.  Some of the important trends are:

  • CADTH reform.
  • Provinces negotiating on listing agreements. 
  • Pan Canadian Listing negotiations.
  • Private Payers/Retailers adopting mandatory substitution.
  • Generic pricing reform.

How can your company best compete?

Pangaea’s Strategic Insights & Resourcing expertise is here to help.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Critical Paths
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Topics & Trends™

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Portfolio & Patents

Managing products in your portfolio from launch to loss of exclusivity is an evolving science.  Two key challenges are:

  • The need to take full advantage of product pipeline.
  • Product selectors in channels vary from province to province. 

Pangaea has over 20 years of experience assisting Canadian pharma companies sustain growth and profitability by optimizing product lifecycles.  

  • Channel Optimization
  • Critical Paths 
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Topics & Trends™
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

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Compliance & Responsibilities

Effective cross-functioning teams are key to nimble, proactive responses to developments in the market. Emerging trends  include:

  • Global and industry regulatory bodies’ restricting promotional practices.
  • The need to communicate effectively with doctors, nurses, care givers and pharmacists.
  • The need to manage complex interconnected working relationships within your organization.  

How can you make all the right moves with all the right players—even the ones on your own team?

Pangaea’s strategic development programs improve processes and teamwork inside and outside your company.

  • Strategic Insights & Resourcing
  • Benchmarking

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Pangaea represents $2bil in Rx and OTC sales with wholesalers and self-distributing retailers in Canada.

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