October 27, 2011

Collaborating on Strategic Thinking with Roche

by Helen Kalra, Associate Managing Director; Joe Knott, Managing Director; Peggy Cleary, Associate Managing Director

  • Who: Hoffmann-La Roche Limited (Canada)
  • What We've Done: Assist with development of strategic plans for LOE
  • Length of Relationship: Several years; ongoing

The generic landscape has been evolving quickly over the past year and a half and Hoffmann-LaRoche Limited (Roche) needed some in depth expertise to explain where government policies were trending and what it meant for their specialty brands that were soon coming off patent.

Leveraging Our Collective Intelligence

One of the issues that keeps our clients awake at night is keeping up with the ever changing Canadian health care landscape and what the implications are for their business. The Pangaea team worked collaboratively to review Roche's business issues related to LOE in a speciality care market to ensure 'no stone was left unturned' as they developed their strategy.

"Pangaea has many experienced consultants at their disposal who have been involved in government policies and specifically generic companies who explained what the new guidelines meant and how the landscape is quickly changing in terms of pricing and listing agreements. We needed to understand this as we prepared to lay out our strategy approaching patent loss for a key brand in a very niche market place." - Brett Hogan, Business Unit Director, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited

Monitoring of the Environment…for the "So What"

The Pangaea team has a robust process in place to monitor changes that are going on in Canadian healthcare and pharmaceuticals. On top of that we have many consultants with expertise on the team who know what changes are coming and how to prepare for new regulations and policies. In the Canadian market place, with all of the regional variations it is really more like 10 countries than 1! We look at what is happening today, as well as what the likely trends are for tomorrow and what the business implications are for our clients.

"Not only did they explain the current state but Pangaea also prepared us for the future as government policies were rapidly evolving across the country, province by province. We needed to have different scenarios built for various regions and Pangaea challenged us to make sure we were prepared for the future as we approached LOE.

Pangaea has many consultants and expertise within their group to know what changes were coming and how to prepare us for new generic regulations and pricing policies. They were able to quickly turn around new policy guidelines in to the 'so what' for our business, thus making it easy to put plans in place to address the changes. This prepared us well for the future and we were ahead of the game prior to LOE" _ - Brett Hogan, Business Unit Director, Hoffmann La-Roche Limited_

Collaborating as Strategic Thinking Partners

The Pangaea team has the people with the knowledge and expertise to challenge your thinking and ensure you have the most robust plans possible.

"Pangaea has many resources at their disposal with the expertise and knowledge to provide timely and strategic advice. We will always consider their services when faced with a challenging strategic question that requires another set of eyes to critique our thinking and direction" - Brett Hogan, Business Unit Director, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited