August 1, 2012

Pangaea's tradition of launch excellence

by Helen Kalra, Associate Managing Director; Joe Knott, Managing Director; Peggy Cleary, Associate Managing Director

It's no secret in the industry that Pangaea's directors bring a wealth of knowledge spanning decades of experience in the Canadian pharmaceutical market place.

What you might not know is, with their individual experienced combined, the Pangaea team has successfully launched over 120 products in Canada.

Products launched were in hospital, primary care and specialty care segments covering a huge range of therapeutic classes including: diabetes, oncology, cardiology, mental health, respiratory, Parkinsons treatment, dermatology to name a few.

Many of the companies that have launched these products in Canada continue to be clients of Pangaea, their testimonials can be found around the site.

Find out how the skills and expertise of Pangaea's team can help launch your product.