March 5, 2013

Pangaea supports a Campaign For All Canadians: Building Canada's National Public Cord Blood Bank

by Joe Knott, Managing Director

Cord blood is a safer, less donor-risky alternative to using bone marrow or PBSC for unrelated transplants.

An increasing majority of all unrelated pediatric stem cell transplants in Canada are performed using cord blood, and they are being increasingly used on adult patients.

Currently, all cord blood units suppliced by "Canadian Blood Services:: for unrelated transplants are imported from international sources.

This is putting a strain on what is already a limited supply and driving import costs higher—currently at $42,000 per unit.

Canadians deserve a safe, consistent supply of cord blood to increase the success and accessibility of unrelated transplants. By centralizing the source of this blood, Canada leverages its ethnic diversity, not just for the benefits of its own citizens, but for the international community.

In turn, with such a source, Canada's medical and scientific community will be stimulated into contributing to further stem cell research, translating our leading edge reserch into cellular therapies.

For these reasons, Pangaea is proudly supporting The Canadian Blood Services' "OneMatch Public Cord Blood Bank": initiiative for the benefit of all Canadians.

Pangaea director Joe Knott is a Volunteer Campaign Cabinet for the Campaign For All Canadians, dedicated to working with Canada's pharma community to raise money for the bank, both through its own donations, but through building continued awareness and developing fundraising campaings from within the industry.

If your organization would like to get involved, please contact Joe directly at ""