October 27, 2014

Pangaea Express: Health Canada Update

by Joe Knott, Managing Director

In light of the restriction on imports of products from specific sites in India (both finished goods and API), there has been concern that certain products would not be available to Canadians, atenolol being one example. Health Canada has been collaborating with the provinces and territories and has updated information available on its website to identify those products considered "medically necessary". The list is available here on the Health Canada website:

Companies importing product(s) deemed medically necessary from the affected facilities have had their licenses amended to "require independent third party testing against the approved Canadian specifications prior to release of any medically necessary products to the Canadian market".

Products not listed as medically necessary and sourced from one of the three sites "will not be imported or released onto the Canadian market until Health Canada is satisfied that the data integrity issues at the plants have been addressed". Over a dozen companies have already undertaken testing to comply with these requirements. Watch for ongoing Health Canada list updates as information is made available from importers, companies, the provinces and territories.