Channel Marketing

Channel marketing is the geographical identification of all touch points in selection and initiation of drugs in specific channels.

What you get

  • Exceptional insight into the flow of product and money and changing regulations in every Canadian province
  • Access to our carefully fostered relationships in all channels
  • Comprehensive channel benchmarks to back up our recommendations and clearly demonstrate where you can expect results in resource optimization, activities or pricing
  • Ongoing relationships with our consultants for timely review and support for the management and tendering processes in your channels

Amgen has had the opportunity to work with Pangaea for the past 11 years providing strategic counsel and tactical support in the areas business development, new product launches and distributor and pharmacy chain relations. The Pangaea trade team; Bev, Michael, Tom and led by Kristen, has a broad and deep foundational understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and extensive relationships with key stakeholders. This knowledge base and network has served Amgen well in establishing a strong presence with our channel customers and targeting our investments in programs that have a tangible ROI. Specifically, in the last 3 years we have worked with Pangaea to forge a stronger presence with retail chains – focusing on education and adherence. Pangaea has been essential in recommending program opportunities based on ROI, corralling Amgen internal resources and coordinating execution and importantly follow-ups with select chains. Our strengthened presence in this area has very much to do with Pangaea’s capabilities in trade. Over the last 11 years, Pangaea has supported more than 8 major product launches for Amgen – providing important direction on channel strategy and carrying out all distributor communications, coordinating systems setup and POS announcements, and of course filling the channel. In all of these launches, without exception the Pangaea team has over-delivered (seriously), And at a macro level, the Canadian pharmaceutical market has never been more chaotic and unpredictable making Pangaea’s trade insights and guidance more valuable than ever in building awareness, establishing new distribution channels and maximizing our investments. Looking forward, I see Pangaea’s role continuing to grow as we pursue long term care opportunities and continue to build our retail position. Given Pangaea’s industry knowledge, strong network, dedication and value oriented approach I would strongly recommend Pangaea’s trade services to any organization, newly establishing or already established in the Canadian market.

Ralph Mueller, Director, Supply Chain, Amgen Canada Inc.


What you get

  • Leverage with retail pharmacy and pharmacists
  • Assessment of whether you’re maximizing the potential of your brand sales through changing pharmacy regulations
  • Hands-on transactional dealmaking within the complex flow of stakeholders, product and money


What you get

  • An overview of the changing hospital landscape
  • Insight into buying groups and provincial variations
  • Assistance with segmentation modeling for targeted deployment within the channel
  • Help selecting the right distribution network
  • Guidance on how discounts, rebates and grants can be positioned to gain exclusive accounts and renewable contracts

Long-Term Care (LTC)

What you get

  • An overview of the components of LTC
  • Portfolio assessment to determine channel appropriateness
  • Deployment recommendation plan
  • Pilot implementation to fine tune the effective release of your product

Specialty Care

Navigate the complex issues surrounding drugs that are high-cost, have safety issues, specialized methods of administration, special handling, or specific location/patent support requirements.

What you get

  • Complete environmental overview and benchmarks for competing offerings, resourcing, activities and pricing
  • Benchmarks for all direct-to-patient channel options
  • Insight into best practices for assigning benefits for reimbursement

Home Care

What you get

  • Environmental overview of this burgeoning channel, with a focus on the movement of money and reimbursement for drugs as they vary from province to province

Internet Pharmacy

What you get

  • Environmental review
  • Benchmarks against industry standards
  • Development of a customized allocation plan
  • Identification and maintenance of Web and physical addresses
  • Assessment of cross-border threats for the entire portfolio or a specific brand

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