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Are you planning on commercializing a product in Canada? More and more companies are establishing a Canadian presence. Pangaea has developed a detailed Critical Path that starts with pricing and reimbursement plans and outlines every step in the process, including timing and costs, to successfully launch in Canada.

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We thought we had a view of the introduction of biosimilars in Canada which was similar to Europe. It turns out that brand is an active player and private and public payers are trying to treat them as interchangeable. Pangaea can help you stay on top of recent developments and the implications.

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Recent legislation from the Minister’s office has led to an incredible amount of confusion. Regulations are now being rolled out that are answering many of the questions. Pangaea is keeping abreast of the changes and the implications. To learn about the facts, speculation and contingency advice, contact us.

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The Pangaea team represents a wide range of industry experience and capabilities, which they are able to apply in a very practical and cost effective manner. Going forward, I anticipate that we will continue to work with the Pangaea team on pre launch planning and market development projects.

—James Hall, Vice President Sales & Marketing , Astellas Canada

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