February 10, 2018

Pangaea Express: New Generic Pricing Framework is Announced

The pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) and the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association have jointly developed a new five-year generic pricing framework.


December 22, 2017

Pangaea Express: The Patented Medicine Regulations now published in Canada Gazette Part 1

The amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations have now been published in Canada Gazette Part 1 (CGP1) and the proposed changes are no different as those outlined by the Health Minister last spring.


December 18, 2017

Pangaea Express: Saskatchewan moves from 12 Regional Health Authorities to 1

On December 4, 2017, Saskatchewan officially transitioned from 12 Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) into one (1) Saskatchewan Health Authority. Proclamation of the Health Authority Act legally transfers the operations and employees of the 12 former Regional Health Authorities to the Saskatchewan Health Authority


August 4, 2017

Pangaea Express - Premiers Meeting in Alberta

The Premiers met in Alberta earlier this week and while many other topics were front and centre, health care was still a topic of discussion. The pCPA is now confirming $1.28 B worth of savings from the provinces’ alliance on pricing of brand name and generic drugs as of March 2017.


July 31, 2017

Pangaea Express - "Agreement in Principle" regarding Quebec Bill 81

What a difference a couple of weeks can make! In early July, it appeared as though the Quebec Health Minister was going to move ahead with the new generic tendering process as per Bill 81. However, on July 16...


July 25, 2017

Measuring MSL Value: Metrics that Matter

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) have been around for about 50 years. Upjohn Pharmaceuticals first created this unique position in 1967, aimed at building relationships and research collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). The role of the MSL has since evolved. It has become an increasingly important resource for pharmaceutical and biotech companies as regulations and compliance demands have increased....


July 19, 2017

Pangaea Express - The End of the Promise Doctrine

On June 30, 2017, the Promise Doctrine was struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada. For years, Innovative Pharma companies have been challenging the “excessively onerous” nature of this doctrine in proving the utility of the drug to uphold patent protection.


July 18, 2017

Rare Disease Commercial Opportunities in Canada

The Canadian pharmaceutical market represents 2% of the global market. Canada does not have an explicit definition or regulatory pathway for rare disease drugs. At first glance, these aspects may appear to hinder companies from researching, investing, and launching their rare disease products in Canada. In reality, however, Canada offers a terrific opportunity for these companies.


July 14, 2017

Pangaea Express - Manulife and Bayshore Best Value Specialty Drug Care

Manulife is introducing Best Value Specialty Drug Care in partnership with Bayshore HealthCare Ltd. As of July 2017, all new prescriptions for specialty drugs will go through one of the Specialty Drug Care network of pharmacies in order to be eligible for coverage.


July 12, 2017

Pangaea Express Quebec and Bill 81

It appears as though the Quebec Health Minister will be moving forward with the generic tender process as per Bill 81 that will allow the Ministry to conduct RFP’s for multi-source products.


July 4, 2017

Pangaea Express - Health Technology Assessment of Drugs with Companion Diagnostics

CADTH has reviewed all the stakeholder input regarding the process for the Health Technology Assessment of Drugs With Companion Diagnostics that was first presented back in November 2016. CADTH has now posted its final process.